Forex Resources for Daily Monitoring

Even the best Forex traders need to regularly refresh their knowledge and gain new information that is related to the currency trading. There are on-line Forex resources that provide information, news, books, communities, tools and other important advantages to the traders for free. Here is the list of the most useful Forex resources that are worth to be visited daily by every trader: — business and currency news that create the fundamental background for the Forex market. I prefer to browse these news everyday before making any trading decisions. — apart from the usual Forex tools, there are forums that are actually visited by many new and professional traders that share their experience with different trading systems, Forex brokers, expert advisors, etc. — a large Forex community focusing mainly on the technical tools for trading — such as expert advisors and indicators for various platforms (usually, MetaTrader 4). — a lot of useful and free information for all Forex traders, including books, brokers’ descriptions, reviews, articles and other goodies with the new updates almost everyday.

Talkgold Forex Forum — a very popular forum in the past, it still remains a place where many «old school» Forex traders share their knowledge and discuss Forex related issues.

Those are the resources that I visit everyday. If you know some other popular and useful sites for the Forex traders, you can mention them in the comments to this post.

5 thoughts on “Forex Resources for Daily Monitoring

  1. Justin

    Do you have a recommendation for who to trade forex with. I’ve heard many different answers but I’m not sure if they are the best. I’d like some hard information to help me make my decision. I was thinking about trading with FXCM but I heard of no customer service. Does anyone know about Forexte or Someone recommended them but I haven’t heard any experiences… I know they have Metatrader and eSignal which I’m interested in using. But still i need some serious recommendation who’ve had good, reliable experience with them.

  2. enivid

    Justin, that depends on a lot of different requirements you have for your broker, including payment systems, trading platform, leverage, etc. I’d recommend you to look at this list of brokers: It has a lot of brokers listed with the ratings and reviews from traders. You’ll be also able to browse them by different categories.


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